My lens is how I capture images that inspire others and creating content for the right audiences is a passion. From concepts, storyboarding, production, directing, shooting, and editing.

Here is some of my work in Media. 


While working at Barros Productions I would do anything and everything. Some productions I was art directing, shooting and editing. On others, hiring staff, finding locations, creating schedules, and more. Sometimes my work was divided by translating, storyboarding, sound mixing while also in charge of casting and shopping for the set. I also did my own content creation, vlogs, promo videos and more. My range of work is wide and multidisciplinary contact me if you are interested in working with me.


Barros Weddings was an extension of Barros Production Films. While living at a destination wedding hot spot, San Miguel de Allende, I shot wedding videos on the weekends. Each one of these weddings was unique and wonderful. I booked the weddings, shot the weddings, edited the weddings and did customer service. Check out some of my favorite weddings I was able to capture!


In my free time I love to cook. I also like to photograph food and love the experience that food can bring you. Capturing food can be super delicious! 


I worked with the creation of Tuukul Lab Digital Marketing Company. I produced, casted the models, art directed, found the locations and photographed models for the company. I also modeled for fun in some of the photos.